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Mix Theory Studios, a Jacksonville-based startup company, is a music and multimedia recording studio and production company.

Our team consists of in-house staff and freelancers with expertise in the music, media, and entertainment industries. We focus on creative content and business strategies that help the local community succeed in today’s digital world.

We also own and operate MTSJAX.fm, a local network for music and multimedia content creators in Jacksonville, Florida and the surrounding areas.

Our Beliefs

We believe human creativity strengthens the social wellbeing and economic development of local communities. Our society is constantly evolving, and we recognize that music and multimedia content are integral to this change. That is why our company values diversity, promotes local partnerships, and supports responsible media practices and news reporting.

Our Mission

We are committed to helping people turn free expression into successful business initiatives. We strive to inspire our clients and have designed our studio to be forward-thinking and supportive – an environment where you can find the perfect blend of artistry, technology, and experimentation to support your projects and make meaningful contributions.

Our Approach

Our approach combines knowledge and technical expertise in audio and video with strategic business insight. We bring resources, tools, and research of latest trends and technology through a community-driven ecosystem. We promote the discovery and cross-promotion of local artists, creators, and businesses through our network, MTSJAX.fm.

Our Pledges

In support of our mission, Mix Theory Studios pledges to Protect our Press as a brand representative and “to replace the vicious cycle of media with a virtuous one,” as promoted by the Media Roundtable.

Over the past years, we have seen our country change because of fear and anxiety stemming from civil and political unrest and the COVID pandemic. Social media and other technology have spread fake news and conspiracy theories through the distribution of multimedia content.

That is why we want to lend our voices to support local media and nonpartisan news reporting. We encourage all creators to bring diverse thoughts and fact-based research to counter these behaviors and help shift the dialogue to one that is more positive, inclusive, and beneficial to our community.

Want to find out more behind the why of our pledges? We recommend listening to these podcasts:

The Decision Lab: The Human Error Behind Fake News with David Rand

The Media Roundtable with Dan Granger: Buy Local! The Case to Save Local News from Will Phipps of Protect Our Press


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