In today's digital world, Mix Theory Studios stands out as a maestro of multimedia and sound design. Our studio is more than a content creation space—it is a crucible where creativity is forged into tangible success for your business. Let us help you broadcast your brand's story and find its rhythm, its crescendo—its standing ovation.

Values & Commitment

Society's dynamic nature is deeply influenced by the real power of music and multimedia. We hold a steadfast belief that human artistic expression is the engine driving social prosperity and stimulating economic growth within our local communities.

As a minority and veteran-owned business, we are committed to nurturing diversity and fostering local alliances. We support the local creator economy through our Affiliate Program and enable cross-promotion through our local network, MTSJAX.fm.

ABOUT the Headquarters


How much does a recording session cost?

Hourly rates for recording sessions vary depending on the room and equipment needs. Music recording with a mix down track starts at $100 per hour. Video recording starts at $115 per hour. Professional audio recording with an engineer start at $150 per hour. See Services page for more information.

What are your normal hours of operation?

Mix Theory Studios is by appointment only. While we do not maintain regular office hours, we generally have someone available Tuesday through Saturday from 11 am to 7 pm to answer questions via phone and to request last minute bookings.

Appointments requested are subject to confirmation and availability.

Where can I park?

There is on-street parking located right in front of the Blackstone Building.  This is metered during the week from 8 am to 6 pm.  There are also public parking garages within a few blocks, ranging from $12 to $20 per day.

Can I book one of your studios by the hour if I’m not a regular client?

Yes, you can request an appointment via phone or email. Prices depend on the recording suite booked. Contact us for availability and pricing.

Do you offer discounts?

Yes, we offer a 15% discounts to our MTSJAX members, nonprofit organizations, and through our affiliate program. Military, veterans and students can receive 10% discounts with a valid ID.

Do you have a record label with artist development and management services?

No. Mix Theory Studios, Inc., does not have a record label. We are registered with BMI as a publisher; and we support independent artists, and welcome other producers, engineers, and record labels to collaborate with us. We also do not provide artist development or management services directly. However, we do work with affiliates who offer such services. Discuss your needs with our team.

Do you provide lessons, apprenticeships, or internships in studio?

We offer mentorship programs for those seeking to develop skills as a DJ and a sound engineer.  We also have affiliates that offer lessons to include, but not limited to, vocal lessons and songwriting/composition within our studio. Age restrictions may apply.

Can I become an Affiliate?

Freelancers and professionals who work in videography, photography, sound design, music, voice coaching, musical lessons, editing, podcasting, event management, and others may be eligible to join our Affiliate Program. If you are interested, please send samples of your portfolio and a resume to [email protected] with the label: Affiliate Program and someone from our team will respond back to you.

As Featured on Buzz TV in 2022

Jesus and Shannon Vivar from Mix Theory Studios have been guests on The Buzz TV shows with Adrienne Houghton and Tom McManus. You can also view other Buzz TV interviews from 2022, 2022 and 2021.

As Featured on Buzz TV in 2022

Jesus and Shannon Vivar from Mix Theory Studios have been guests on The Buzz TV shows with Adrienne Houghton and Tom McManus. You can also view other Buzz TV interviews from 2022, 2022 and 2021.

our core team



DJ PM Jesus Vivar


Jesus "DJ PM" Vivar is the CEO of Mix Theory Studios. He heads the studio's multimedia division and its marketing efforts. He also books his DJ Services through PureMixDj.com.

PunchBoi Raushan Simmons


Raushan "PunchBoi" Simmons is the Chief Sound Engineer & Producer of Mix Theory Studios. He heads the studio's music division. He owns PunchBoi Productions and Winner$Only Records.

Shannon Vivar


Shannon Vivar is the Chief Operating Officer of Mix Theory Studios. She heads the studio's strategy and back office functions. She is also the Executive Director of VitalityXchange Collective and the host of Investing in Vitality podcast.

More about the Team

"DJ PM" Jesus Vivar

New York-bred DJ PM has proven that crowd rocking is an art form, honing his craft over more than 20 years through residencies in some of New York City’s finest nightclubs and special guest appearances in Frankfurt, Germany, and the Virgin Islands. He has large event from private event performances, spanning festivals, fashion shows, movie premiers, award ceremonies, comedy shows, radio, television broadcast, fundraisers, marketing, and corporate events.

Jesus continues to perform as DJ PM at private events and special guest appearances through PureMixDJ.com. In addition to his passion for music, Jesus is a commercial real estate investor and an actor/model who has been featured on national broadcast media and marketing advertisements.

"PunchBoi" Raushan Simmons

PunchBoi is a Multi-Platinum, award-nominated producer from New Jersey. With an extensive list of world-renowned beats under the name PunchBoi Productions and a library of music knowledge, his credentials span multiple genres.

His soul and passion for music runs deep in his family ~ from his mother whose vocal pipes landed her collaborations with legendary artists such as Michael Jackson and Whitney Houston to his godfather, mentor and founder of the Fugees to his cousin, Sza.With over 20 years in the music industry,

Raushan has quickly become one of the top producers, song writer and engineer in the music industry today. He produces songs under Winner$Only record label.

Shannon Vivar

Shannon ventured into entrepreneurship with her husband, Jesus, to create business that fit her ideals for a better and healthier society. She brings over 20 years of diverse experience in business and a military background in photojournalism and media. In addition to the studio,

Shannon pursues her ambitions as the Executive Director of the VitalityXchange Collective, Inc., and as the host of Investing in Vitality© podcast to help those seeking transformational change through a deeper and more personal understanding of holistic wellness.

Shannon is a U.S. Marine Corps veteran. She has served on two nonprofit boards of directors: the Kansas Society of CPAs (KSCPA) and Bodiography Contemporary Ballet in Pittsburgh, PA. Shannon was awarded the 2015 Women to Watch Experienced Leader Award by the American Institute of CPAs and KSCPA. She is the recipient of the Navy Commendation and Achievement medals.

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