Skyview Lounge

$250.00 2 hours


The Skyview Lounge is a multipurpose space, where artists, creators, and entrepreneurs can come together to work. 

We offer production-style audio and video recording that’s perfect for musicians, DJs, podcasters, actors, and anyone looking for a more stylistic background for your video. These productions are perfect if you want to showcase your latest track or record a professional mix to promote your DJ set. They also provide an excellent atmosphere if you are looking for something more than just the propped up in studio look when presenting your project on camera.  

Booking a session in the Skyview Lounge requires a two-hour minimum.  Additional time can be booked in increments of 30 minutes.  Contact us if you’re interested in learning more about how we can help with the production of your project. After Hours Bookings Available.  Please Contact Us.



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