Mix Theory Studios is a music and multimedia studio, located downtown in the Entertainment District of Jacksonville, Florida. We partner with our clients on their creative journey and help them profit from high quality audio and video.

Our recording and production services cover music, podcasting, video creation, livestreams & more! We’re more than just a studio. We’re a community of creative entrepreneurs.  Access our one-page overview of our services.





Mix Theory Studios is bringing an engaged, collaborative spirit to music and multimedia production. We have a business-minded team, a drive for innovative solutions, and a space that inspires creativity. Find out how we work with our clients to add value on their project.


Meet Our Team

We believe in the power of genuine relationships.

That is why we recommend that you book a free 30-minute meeting with our team before any project work begins.

We use these meetings to align our views on what success looks like and to make sure your project starts off on the right foot in our studio.

All bookings include a short form questionnaire, so our team is prepared to make the most of our time together. Tell us if it your first time in our downtown studio space, and we will show you around.

Join our Online Studio Community

Ask questions. Collaborate with others. Learn new things.

Our Community Portal houses a wealth of information to share. Sign in to:

  • Book studio time and service packages online.
  • Join groups and online discussions with our extended community.
  • Listen to audio clips and watch how-to videos on relevant topics.
  • Access our quick-tip checklists, understanding terminology and illustrative examples.
  • Search for professionals and related services in our business directory.
  • Manage your account and payment information through your Profile Dashboard, which contains invoices, receipts, contracts, and other important communications from our staff.

We set up your Community Portal account after your initial meeting with our team. You then receive a username and temporary password via email to sign in for the first time.


Start Creating

At Mix Theory Studios, quality audio-visual production is our minimum standard. Every project is considered an investment with both a creative aspect and a business purpose.

Our approach focuses first on understanding your project goals and the strategies available to meet them. We then discuss services that fit your needs and budget. Finally, we help you configure schedules that align with your production deadlines.

This process provides you with perspective on how to best use our team, tools, and available resources to achieve success on your next music and multimedia project.

Schedule a 30-minute meeting to start creating today.


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