Jesus Vivar

Jesus Vivar, Chief Executive Officer

Launching his career in the city that never sleeps, New York-bred Jesus (DJ PM) Vivar has proven that crowd rocking is an art form.

Captivating the dancefloor with his hypnotic genre blends and precision sharp cuts, Jesus has honed his craft through residencies in some of New York City’s finest nightclubs, special guest appearances in Frankfurt, Germany, and the Virgin Islands, and private event performances, spanning fashion shows, movie premiers, award ceremonies, comedy shows, radio, television broadcast, fundraisers, festivals, marketing, and corporate events.

With an arsenal of music knowledge, an influential gritty city backdrop, and almost 20 years of live performance, professional DJ experience under his belt, it is no wonder Jesus has advanced his career to encompass original music and beat production. His acute ear for melodic blends and illustrious hits prompts him to reach beyond the conventional notion of genre blending, to explore sound creation stemming from Latin and other global influences, and to tap into his diverse musical repertoire from Breakbeats, House, R&B to Rock and Hip-hop.

Jesus continues to perform as DJ PM at private events and special guest appearances through his affiliate company, In addition to his passion for music, Jesus is a commercial real estate investor and an actor/model who has been featured on national broadcast media and marketing advertisements.

Shannon Vivar

Shannon Vivar, Chief Operating Officer

Shannon Vivar sponsored herself on a year-long wellness sabbatical after leaving Corporate America and ventured into entrepreneurship to create a business that fit her ideals for a better and healthier society.

In mutual support of their career aspirations, Shannon joined forces with her husband, Jesus Vivar, to create Mix Theory Studios – a company focused on collaboration, innovation, and creativity with local artists, creators, and businesses. Shannon also pursues her ambitions as the founder of affiliate company,, and as host of Investing in Vitality© podcast to help those seeking transformational change through a deeper and more personal understanding of holistic wellness.

Shannon brings over 20 years of diverse experience in business and a military background in photojournalism and media. As a senior-level finance leader, she built a strong performance record by creating vision and strategy through macro trend analysis across multiple industries. Shannon produced tangible business results for large multinational companies through talent development, problem solving, and change management.

Shannon has served on two nonprofit boards of directors: the Kansas Society of CPAs (KSCPA) and Bodiography Contemporary Ballet in Pittsburgh, PA. She was awarded the 2015 Women to Watch Experienced Leader Award by the American Institute of CPAs and KSCPA. Shannon is also a veteran of the U.S. Marine Corps and the recipient of Navy & Marine Corps Achievement and Commendation Medals. Serving from 1994 to 1999, she reached the rank of Sergeant.

Raushan Simmons

Raushan Simmons, Chief Sound Engineer

Raushan “PunchBoi” Simmons is a Multi-Platinum, award-nominated producer from New Jersey. With an extensive list of world-renowned beats under the name PunchBoi Productions and a library of music knowledge, his credentials span multiple genres.

His soul and passion for music runs deep in his family ~ from his mother whose phenomenal singing skills landed her collaborations with legendary artists such as Michael Jackson and Whitney Houston to his godfather, mentor and founder of the Fugees. His musical drive started at the age of 4 with his first drum set and the rest is history.

With over 19 years in the music industry and working with a plethora of artists, Raushan has quickly become one of the top producers, song writer and engineer in the music industry today.

In addition, Raushan has 13 years of professional experience with Verizon Wireless in the telecommunications industry. As of 2020, his most recent position for Verizon Wireless was District Manager in Morris County, NJ.


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